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Harry Potter Places is grateful to Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. [hereinafter WB] for bringing to life J.K. Rowling’s marvelous Harry Potter books as movies we have all enjoyed.

Enjoyed so much, in fact, that many Potterites wish to visit the numerous UK film locations used by WB in the creation of the Harry Potter movies—thus the need for Harry Potter Places, five travel guidebooks designed to help you make the most of your UK travel.

As thanks to WB for its fantastic work, we encourage you to avail yourselves of the many WB-licensed products (shopping links below) to enhance your movie-viewing and travel experiences.


Here you’ll find links for the purchase of Harry Potter DVDs, Ultimate DVD Editions, Blu-Ray DVDs, Soundtracks, Digital Movie Downloads, and Games.

You’ll also find links to Harry Potter products such as:

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The Warner Bros. Studio Tour—London


After reading the Specialis Revelio section of Harry Potter Places Book One—London and London Side-Along Apparations, and Site #27’s entry, visit this website to purchase your Harry Potter WB Studio Tour tickets.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


While this theme park is owned by another movie studio—Universal Studios—Warner Bros. likely receives a significant cut of all ticket and merchandise sales related to its operation!

The Wizarding World of Harry potter at Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World Interactive Site