Potterite UK Travel Supplementums

Harry Potter Places Potterite UK Travel Supplementums are PDFs containing tips that are useful to all Potterites, no matter what area(s) of Great Britain you plan to visit. We’ve posted these PDF tip files on the Internet—FREE of charge—so that any Potterite planning a UK Potter trip will benefit from them, even if you don’t buy a Harry Potter Places travel guidebook.

    Please Note: The authors of Harry Potter Places live in the United States of America. Thus, some of our tips are more helpful to USA and Canadian Potterites than to Potterites who live in other countries.

    We intend no disrespect to Potterites journeying to the UK from other countries! We simply haven’t the expertise to help you more specifically.

    You’ll still find the tips in our UK Travel Supplementums useful. However, you’ll also need to access your country of origin’s government Internet resources to obtain UK-travel-related information pertinent to your Harry Potter holiday planning.


Pre-Trip Potter Preparation:
Tips for refreshing your Potterverse knowledge before you leave (loading your Pensieve!)—such as enjoying a Potter Film Festival with your friends.

Packing Pointers:
General UK packing tips, including important methods of baggage identification and travel document copy storage, as well as vital personal supplies you’ll not want to forget.

Supplies to Purchase in the UK:
Stuff you don’t need to lug along while traveling to Great Britain, and where to cheaply purchase these items after you arrive.

UK Car Rental and Driving Tips:
Important considerations for selecting your rental car and preparing to drive in the UK.

Telephones and the UK:
How to dial from outside or inside the UK, and phone options available.

UK Internet Access:
The many options for connecting with the World Wide Web while in the UK, and what services to avoid.

UK Photography Issues:
Railway station photography rules, the value of packing a cheap or disposable camera, and more.

UK Terminology Guide:
A translation of UK English terms that have meanings different from the same US English terms.