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PRIOR INCANTATO (Introduction)

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LUMOS London

London Introduction, Potterly-Important Tips, and Reference Links
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Specialis Revelio LONDON

Part One:
Tips for Designing Your London Potter Trip

Part Two:
The Harry Potter WB Studio Tour Itinerary Planning Guide,
Oxford Visit Options, and Five Suggested London Potter Itineraries

Quick-Quill Trip:
7 of London’s Best Potter Places and 1 Side-Along in one day

Kwikspell Crusade:
11 of London’s Best Potter Places and 2 Side-Alongs in two days

Huffandpuff Expedition:
13 of London’s Best Potter Places and 2 Side-Alongs in two rapid-paced days

Padfoot Prowl:
A 3-Day Tour of ALL the Best London Potter Places and 4 Side-Alongs

Potter Promenade:
ALL the Best London Potter Places and 5 Side-Alongs visited in four days


Site #1: Death Eaters’ Bridge: The Millennium Footbridge

Site #2: DHp1 Café-Related Film Sites: Piccadilly Circus

Site #3: Diagon Alley Wizard Entrance: Charing Cross Road

Site #4: Fly-By Bridges and Buildings: Thames River Bridges and Buildings

Site #5: Gringotts Bank: Australia House

Site #6: Hogwarts Staircase: St Paul’s Cathedral

Site #7: Leaky Cauldron, Prisoner of Azkaban: Borough Market

Site #8: Leaky Cauldron, Sorcerer’s Stone: Leadenhall Market

Site #9: Little Whinging Zoo: The London Zoo

Site #10: Ministry of Magic Area: Old Scotland Yard

Site #11: Ministry of Magic Visitor’s Entrance: Red Phone Box Guide

Site #12: Muggle Portrait Gallery: The National Portrait Gallery

Site #13: Muggle Underground Station: Westminster Underground Station

Site #13A London Film Museum Supplementum

Site #14: Muggle Wax Museum: Madame Tussauds

Site #15: Number 12 Grimmauld Place: Claremont Square

Site #16: Platform Nine & Three Quarters: King’s Cross/Saint Pancras Stations

Site #17: Saint Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies: Argyle Walk Hostel

Site #18: Wizard Chessmen: The British Museum


Site #19: DHp1 Godric’s Hollow: Lavenham, Suffolk

Site #20: HbP Train Station Café: Surbiton Train Station

Site #21: Hermione’s Home: Hampstead Garden Suburb of London

Site #22: Knight Bus Pickup Playground: Dowding Way, near Leavesden Studio

Site #23: Knight Bus Streets: Enfield Borough of London

Site #24: Number 4 Privet Drive: Picket Post Close, Martins Heron

Site #25: Professor Flitwick’s Classroom: Harrow School

Site #26: Quidditch World Cup Portkey Landing: Eastbourne, Beachy Head

Site #27: Warner Bros. Studio Tour: Leavesden

Site #28: Whomping Willow: Kew Gardens