J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books are so popular, that an amazing number of unauthorized Harry Potter guidebooks have been published over the years.
List of Unofficial Harry Potter Guidebooks

In order to avoid the threat of litigation related to copyright or trademark infringement, all unauthorized Harry Potter guidebooks publish at least one Disclaimer. Below are the several important Harry Potter Places Disclaimers.


Harry Potter Places [all five individual titles hereinafter referred to as HPP] is not authorized, approved, endorsed, nor licensed by J.K. Rowling [hereinafter referred to as JKR], Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. [hereinafter referred to as WB Inc.], the Scholastic Corporation, Raincoast Books, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., nor by any other persons, entities, corporations or companies claiming a proprietary interest in the Harry Potter books, movies, or related merchandise.

HPP is not officially associated with the seven Harry Potter novels written and copyrighted by JKR. Nor is HPP in any way officially associated with the eight Harry Potter movies produced and trademarked by WB Inc.


HPP is written solely for the purpose of providing an historical review of, and directions for finding, the real-life locations that:

  • Were mentioned within one or more of the Harry Potter novels.
  • Are sites where Harry Potter filming took place.
  • Significantly influenced the design of studio sets built for filming one or more of the Harry Potter movies.


HPP does not claim, nor does it intend to imply, ownership of, or proprietary rights to, any of the fictional character or place names mentioned within JKR’s Harry Potter novels, nor any of the titles or terminology used or created by JKR within her books or within the movies made thereof.

More information about Potter and Potterlike terminology found within HPP is provided in the Prior Incantato sections for each book.

Publication of Harry Potter Movie Screenshots

Screenshots are split-second still photos captured from a movie. Each of the HPP Potter Site entries includes one or more small movie screenshots. The sole purpose of including them is to enhance the experience of Harry Potter fans [Potterites] who visit a real-life film site, or a real-life place that strongly influenced movie studio set design. By having one or more screenshots to observe while visiting, Potterites are better able to recognize the specific areas where filming occurred, and are armed with a guide important to assuming positions similar to that of the actors in the scene(s) filmed at the site when snapping their personal photographs.

To be an effective site identification and photography guide, however, Harry Potter movie screenshots had to be substantially altered in a variety of ways so that the site location’s background could more easily be recognized.

All eight Harry Potter films were produced and trademarked by WB Inc. HPP does not claim, nor does it intend to imply, ownership of, or proprietary rights to, any portions of the Harry Potter movies. The caption of every screenshot and screenshot segment that appears within HPP should read “™©WB Inc.” Because this info is given here, we instead have captioned HPP screenshots with identification of the movie from which it was captured.

Use of Google Maps UK Images to Create Potter Maps

In order to assist visiting Potterites to find the multiple filming locations within the UK, maps were created for HPP.

When using Google Maps UK images to create Potter Maps, Harry Potter Places authors strictly adhered to the Google Maps and Google Earth Content Rules & Guidelines, and appropriately attributed Google with credit for the full-sized Potter Map included within a Supplementum PDF posted on the Internet, as well as for any thumbnail-sized Potter Map images published within the travel guidebook.

HPP does not claim, nor does it intend to imply, ownership of, or proprietary rights to, any of the Google Maps UK images used within the travel guidebook or the Supplementum PDFs posted on the HPP website.

Author vs Authors of Harry Potter Places

The A Novel Holiday travel guidebook publishing company concept was solely conceived by Ms. Charly D Miller in 2007, as was the concept of the first A Novel Holiday (ANH) travel guidebook series, Harry Potter Places. During the researching and writing of HPP travel guidebooks (as well as during design of ANH and HPP websites), however, Ms. Miller was so generously assisted by other individuals that she feels unworthy of claiming sole credit for authoring the texts’ or websites’ content. Thus, plural terms—such as, “authors” … “we” … “our”—are used throughout the HPP travel guidebooks and website pages when referring to the writers or creators of same.

For all legal purposes, however, every A Novel Holiday Harry Potter Places travel guidebook was solely written and published by CD Miller. She, alone, is responsible for all the content ultimately published within any eBook or print versions of the HPP travel guidebooks, as well as all content posted on ANH and HPP websites.

Ms. Charly D Miller hereby avows and affirms that any and all other individuals who participated in or contributed to the researching, writing, or publication of Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks and associated websites, are indemnified and held harmless from and against: any and all demands, claims, and damages to persons or property, losses and liabilities, including attorney’s fees arising out of or caused by any form of litigation brought against the A Novel Holiday Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks or websites.