About Harry Potter Places

After more than three years of research, we managed to find sixty-nine (69) Harry Potter Places in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (the UK) that are associated with the Harry Potter Universe (the Potterverse). Each Harry Potter Places (HPP) travel guidebook provides directions for finding the real-life locations described in JK Rowling’s books, the places where Harry Potter filming took place, and the sites that significantly influenced movie studio set design—real-life sites that look just like what we saw on screen.

Unfortunately, many Potterites have run into false or misleading information when searching for Harry Potter Places to visit. Lincoln’s Inn Fields, for example, is listed by many movie databases as where Grimmauld Place scenes were filmed. Our research showed this to be an entirely false lead. The Site #15 entry in HPP Book One—London and London Side-Along Apparations will lead you to the real real-life Grimmauld Place.

Please Note: No other Harry-Potter-related website or travel guidebook currently available will lead you to the real real-life Grimmauld Place! Of course, after HPP Book One is launched (in January of 2012), we’re sure others will pass along our exclusive find.

In addition to telling you how to find every one of the 68 UK Harry Potter Places, each HPP travel guidebook’s Site entry offers enhanced versions of the movie screenshots that were filmed at the location, as well as tips for recreating them so that your personal photos look similar to the scenes seen on screen. Below is one of seven Grimmauld Place enhanced screenshots offered in HPP Book One, followed by two real-life photos snapped by Potterite Tara Bellers while visiting Site #15 in 2009.

Order of the Phoenix

[Order of the Phoenix screenshot (enhanced)]

Order of the Phoenix screenshot (enhanced)

[©2009 Tara Bellers]

Other sections of each HPP travel guidebook offer even more information important to Potterites enjoying the best Harry Potter holiday possible.

The Lumos sections shed a light on a particular location, providing Potter- and Non-Potter-related information important to planning and enjoying your trek to that place.

The Ambulatus sections provide directions for walking between Harry Potter Places Sites.

The Specialis Revelio sections reveal special information vital to visiting a particular area of the UK—including Suggested Itineraries to follow while you’re there.

And, then there are the HPP Supplementums.
Supplementums are Internet-posted PDFs containing extra information related to an individual Potter place. Whether offering interesting Harry Potter trivia or extra screenshots, each HPP Supplementum was created to enrich a Potterite’s visit. And, no Potterite on the planet has to pay to view these Supplementums. We want everyone who goes to enjoy the best visit Potterly possible.

In Summary
Every Potterite who contributed to the creation of Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks did so because we love the Harry Potter books and movies … we dearly want to visit each and every one of the 68 UK Harry Potter Places … and we want to help YOU visit them, too!